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Another Side of Me

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2016 - digital release

Samite Live

       2012 Samite Music 

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When most people think of African music, they think percussion. But the beats are only the beginning here. On this CD, a collection of instrumentals that sprang from Samite’s deep knowledge of tradition and his recent soundtrack work, the producers explore the storytelling powers of many instruments and Africa’s melodic roots.

“We want people to hear the many parts of African music. We wanted to take out the drums, yet still retain the music’s power to make people dance. To make it beautiful and deep.” >To do this Samite worked in close concert with a trusted group of friends and top musicians, collaborating on production. TRUST takes Samite’s signature melodies and rhythmic sensibilities, and transforms them with everything from ringing guitars to a velvet-voiced cello, along with Samite’s sprightly kalimba (thumb piano) and lyrical flute. >All proceeds from TRUST will go to Musicians for World Harmony (, a non-profit initiative to bring healing to people displaced and traumatized by conflict via music performance and music therapy.
Samite knows the true value of trust. A multi-instrumentalist steeped in the traditional culture of his Ugandan upbringing, he was forced by a brutal war to flee his home as a young man. After years as a refugee in Kenya, Samite landed in the U.S. and began using his musical vision to give back to distraught people in African conflict zones. >Recently, he was asked by director Charles Evans, Jr. to contribute to the documentary ADDICTION INCORPORATED. The musical vignettes designed to illustrate the film’s narrative took on a life of their own. Soon, Evans, South African guitarist and close friend Tony Cedras, and Samite found themselves in the control booth of Daddy’s House Recording Studios, P Diddy’s studio in New York, urging other musicians to play the parts Samite usually performed himself. “We made most decisions between the three of us. It was the most democratic working environment ever,” Samite says. Once the soundtrack was composed, Evans suggested that the musical cues be developed into songs for a full-length CD - and TRUST is the result. Thus, while the songs on TRUST were inspired by the music Samite composed for the film, it is not a soundtrack of the film. >The trio of producers discovered unexpected special moments in their work together. Evans was filming a recording session and caught Cedras playing the title track, Trust, on guitar. On film, only Cedras’ rippling playing was audible and the friends were struck by its spare beauty. The serendipitous discovery became “Trust, Unplugged.”


Samite Music, 2010

My Music World is a gift to Samite fans, who have allowed him to share his life stories with them and have made his music part of their life stories. This music is one more story for them. Here, Samite explores his Ugandan roots and celebrates the world of musical influences that he enjoys while drawing attention to the plight of the endangered mountain gorillas and the rain forests they call home.


Triloka Records, 2006

Embalasasa comprises ten tracks of soothing piano, kalimba, drums and acoustic guitar. The title track recalls memories of a lizard that seems attractive to touch but gives a lethal bite. "As kids, my granddad cautioned us against playing with this lizard, and he killed it always," explains Samite. "I have used it as an allusion to sex, saying it may be beautiful but it can bite you with AIDS. I am calling upon my granddad to help us get rid of this epidemic." The song is a cry for help and a testimony to the futility that 25 years of AIDS research has yielded.


Triloka Records, 2003

Tunula Eno a work of commitment, devotion and an overwhelming sense of humanity. Written and recorded during the last year of his late wife, Joan, before she died. The album is a celebration of that which makes us human: love, loss, endurance, hope. It is a joyous album conveying optimism through stories and song, replete with swirling melodies, infectious rhythms and soulful vocals. Indeed these songs are a reflection of life itself.


Wind Over The Earth, 2001

Kambu Angels was inspired by an Africa that is renewing itself, the people, and particularly the children. They are the spirit at the heart of this album. Samite uses the strength of his voice and his playful kalimbas to weave this colorful landscape of theme and melody. It is an album about peace, renewal, forgiveness, grace, and joy.


Stars To Share.jpg

Windham Hill, 1999

Stars to Share is another giant step by an artist who has made a career out of confounding expectations. This time, Samite has set aside his marimba and litungu (traditional Kenyan harp) for the subtle rhythms of the kalimba. Samite's music tends to be evocative, and on this album the mood evoked is more contemplative than some of his previous albums.

Silina Musango

Xenophile Records, 1996

Silina Musango is filled with fleeting snatches of a wide assortment of sounds and textures. These provide Samite's falsetto vocals with an ever-changing and beautiful background of instrumental moods. A light but frothy mixture of accordions, marimbas, kalimbas, litungus, guitars, drums and flutes swirls around the vocals giving the album a flowing and timeless quality.


Shanachie Records, 1992

Samite's autobiographical music recalls his homeland in Pearl of Africa Reborn and honors his mother, to whom this album is dedicated. Accompanying himself with rolling, repetitious figures on a variety of kalimbas (thumb pianos), Samite sings about his mother's cooking, her storytelling, the introduction of the English language to Uganda, bicycles, and fear.


Shanachie Records, 1990

Amazingly diverse, the broad spectrum of musical styles heard on the African continent range from happy and upbeat to moody and tranquil. Samite definitely favors tranquility on this very haunting and hypnotic CD. In addition to providing all of the album's vocals, Samite plays most of its instruments -- including the kalimba, the marimba, the litungu, African flutes and various African percussions. A multi-faceted individual, the earthy Samite sees to it that this album is enriching from start to finish.


Putumayo world music, 2008

The fourth release in Putumayo Kids' successful Dreamland series, African Dreamland features enchanting and calming African songs for relaxation and sweet dreams.


Putumayo world music, 2003

An entertaining and educational musical expedition to Africa for children and families.


Four Winds (Ryko), 2003


Ellipsis Arts, 1999


Putumayo World Music, 1997


Philips, 1997


Narada, 1996


Narada, 1996