Another Side of Me {entire collection}

Another Side of Me {entire collection}


Another Side of Me is a special collaboration that has been years in the making.  My good friend and producer, Vincent Othieno, encouraged me to rediscover how much I love my first instrument, the flute, and while recording this CD, we sampled some of my original music to reimagine a few of the songs with my flute as the narrator.  I am indebted to Vincent for making this an incredibly creative, challenging and enjoyable project.  

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Many thanks to Jhakeem Haltom and Joel Blizzard of Thousands of One, Charlie Evans, Glen Ivers,  and Carol Long for helping to make this project happen.

As always, I thank my wife, Sandra, for her love and belief in me. 

Another Side of Me was produced and engineered by Samite and Vincent Othieno and recorded at Samite Studios, Ithaca, NY.  Mixing and mastering by Vincent Othieno at Bass Cleff Audio Productions, NY.  Front cover photo of Samite by Glen Ivers.  Back cover photo of Samite, Shadow and Thyme by Charles Evans, Jr.  CD jacket and web graphic design by Sandra Mulondo.