Samite and his team will work with you to tailor the following program options for your audience and institutional needs.

Resilience - Beautiful, powerful, personal and musical - “Resilience” is a play with the urgency of now combined with timeless stories of healing. Samite tells his life’s story in this multi-media one-man play. He tells the story of his emergence from the nightmare of life under Amin and Milton Obote ("... when the birds stopped singing") to being a healer through the power of music. Samite often includes a story or two in his concerts, but now he has turned his entire presentation inside out and the result is raw and bracing. This show includes an extended post-performance Q&A for authentic audience interaction. Watch the trailer  

Lessons of Humanity - Samite has remarkable stories based upon his work with refugees and survivors of war.  A former refugee from Uganda, Samite has worked with groups as diverse as child soldiers in East Africa to cancer survivors in the American Midwest.  He has discovered a universal healing power in music. His tales are inherently dramatic, but they are filled with humor and insight inspired by his grandfather’s wisdom and the people he meets.  Interspersed with his stories are powerful vocals accompanied by African instruments.  He’s a gifted storyteller – you will never forget his message of humanity. This show includes an extended post-performance Q&A for authentic audience interaction. See Samite’s TEDx talk based on this performance

The Story of Mutoto - Samite’s multimedia concert for younger audiences (and all ages).  In this show, Samite transports children to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda - home of the endangered Silverback mountain gorillas - as he weaves songs, stories and images to entertain and educate young people about his homeland, its flora and fauna, and the threats of deforestation and extinction.

Journey to the Soul of Africa- Samite takes you on a unique journey to his Africa through stories, original images and music played on such African instruments as the flute, kalimba and litungu. Experience the gentle humanity of Africa’s people, its magnificent animals, and majestic landscapes as captured and illuminated by this gifted artist.  Samite’s performances range from workshop residencies and solo shows,  duos, trios, to his five piece band.

Photo: Jon Reis Photography

Photo: Jon Reis Photography

Concerts - Samite has captivated audiences around the world for decades.  His concert performances range from solo, duo, trio to a five-piece band. These performances include and extended Q&A for authentic audience interaction. View concert footage of Samite and his band.

House Concerts - Music. Stories. Laughter. Connections. Invite Samite into your home for an intimate house concert experience. Enjoy his performance in this unique setting that promotes conversation and interactions between Samite and your guests. Contact us to arrange for this memorable evening.

Outreach:  Workshops, Residencies, and Assemblies for all Ages - Samite can offer a variety of workshops to complete a program offering.  Outreach programs include, but are not limited to:

School assemblies and workshops in the community prior to and/or in collaboration with a main event.


Samite’s touring and travels include stops at facilities where residents and patients benefit from the healing power of music.  We will work with you and organizations in your community to include this outreach in your program. See Samite’s work featured in the film, Alive Inside


Music as Healing for Victims of War:  the work of Musicians for World Harmony - Samite shares stories of his humanitarian work in war-torn regions. Visit


M.U.S.I.C. Heals Program (Mobile Units of Song to Improve Communities) - a residency program that brings musicians to communities in need of healing - participants work with at least musicians to write, compose and record an original piece of music based on their own stories.  

Telling my Story - a residency program of enrichment where participants benefit from an environment that encourages trust, exploration and growth through story-writing and storytelling to remember, connect and heal.  

Previous Residencies:

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