Samite Mulondo uses the healing power of music to share his message of peace and hope. Travel with him now as he shares a story that crosses boundaries both physically and emotionally. The world-renowned musician Samite was born and raised in Uganda, where his grandfather taught him to play the traditional flute.


My name is not homeless, My mother calls me baby! This song inspires me to be a better person.

Samite live with his band at Grassroots Festival

Samite and band playing Ganda at CMOG. Ganda is from "My Music World" CD.

Mutoto means young child in Swahiri. In this song the young one is a mountain gorilla from Uganda who is happy that people came to visit his family. The visitors came in peace and want to learn about mountain gorillas.

Samite live with band at CMOG. This Kalimba is a special one. Its the oldest Kalimba I have. Its originally from Tanzania. You can hear the years when its played. You can also feel all the other musicians that have ever played it.

Samite and Band at CMOG. Nalubale is the name for Lake Vicotoria in Uganda. Its a special lake to the people of that region.

Originally from Uganda, Samite has made his home in Ithaca, New York for many years. Billboard Magazine says "Samite wraps his warm voice around melodies that seem to rise up off the Ugandan plateau, caressed by his kalimbas (thumb pianos) and other native instruments." Percussionist Jeff Kayes accompanies Samite on Djembes and Congas among other instruments.

"Trust" - written by Samite, performed by Tony Cedras, Produced by Samite, Charles Evans, Jr. and Tony Cedras.  MUSIC HEALS "Trust Unplugged" is from the album "Trust" All sales support Musicians for World Harmony. The "Trust" CD is available for purchase at

WSKG - TV performance. Samite and Jeff Haynes. This song means "What's mine is yours"

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