middle school level
(grades 6-8) 

Samite will design a program with any of the following components:

  • Samite’s school-wide multi-media performance will provide opportunities for students to experience his music instruments, rhythms and melodies of East Africa.
  • Students will learn to sing Samite’s songs and have the opportunity to play his traditional African instruments, such as the kalimba, and madinda. In addition to these instruments, Samite will sing and perform on the litungu and flute.
  • Students may create original compositions with Samite in a workshop setting.  They may use traditional and non-traditional sound sources including electronic instruments to create, perform and record this music with Samite.
  • Students will learn to perform Samite’s music in a culturally authentic manner.
  • Students will improvise and create dance movements based on Samite’s music.
  • Students will discuss with Samite his cultural, social, and political uses of music.
  • Students will gain an understanding of the cultural features of East African music and the importance of music within Samite’s culture through his multimedia presentation and interactions with him.
  • Specifically students will gain an understanding of the foods, methods of transportation, education, socialization practices, gender roles, economic activities, and housing.
  • Students will be entertained by Samite’s animal photographs from East Africa.
  • Students will have the opportunity to view history through the eyes of someone who witnessed it.  Samite will share his experiences as a member of a targeted tribe in Uganda, a former refugee, and a witness to the atrocities of two brutal dictatorships.