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Beautiful, powerful, personal and musical - Resilience is a play with the urgency of now combined with timeless stories of healing.

Samite tells his life’s story in this multi-media one-man play.  He tells the story of his emergence from the nightmare of life under Amin and Milton Obote ("... when the birds stopped singing") to being a healer through the power of music.  

Samite often includes a story or two in his concerts, but now he has turned his entire presentation inside out and the result is raw and bracing.

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appreciation from Samite's audiences

"Incredible!  Wonderful!  Thank you for sharing of yourself.  What a gift!" - TEDx Corning Museum of Glass

"You truly summarized your life learnings elegantly - your story is very touching!  You are truly exceptional!" - TEDx Corning Museum of Glass

“Having the opportunity to work and learn from a talented guest artist like Samite has provided me with an authentic, real world experience that I can bring back to my classroom and inspire them as much as he has inspired me!” - St. Joseph University, Hartford CT

"...I had a full heart and tears in my eyes the entire time..." - TEDx Corning Museum of Glass

"I can't stop thinking about Samite's performance! I was truly moved by all of his stories and music. It was a very special evening. He's made me think about the role of music in my life and music-making, as well. And his joy is infectious! Thank you for a really wonderful evening!..."  - Black Box Theatre, New York NY


"I can't thank you enough for sharing your inspiration, your deepest difficulties, your own loss - all to provide us with the continued ability to show others that compassion is so very important to understanding humanity.... I hope your story is heard by every child in this world..." - TEDx Corning Museum of Glass


upcoming speaking engagements

March 2018 World Premiere of "Resilience"

St. Joseph University, Hartford CT

Speaking engagement highlights

September 2017 "Village of Tales" Ojai Storytelling Festival, Ojai CA

12 December 2016  "100 Leading Global Thinkers" sponsored by the Foreign Policy Group, Washington DC

12 November 2016 TED Talk at Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY

2 & 3 November 2016 "Music as a Catalyst for Change" at Berklee's Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, Berklee College of Music, Boston MA

11 October 2016 "Lessons of Humanity:  What My Grandfather Taught Me" at Grand Valley State University, Allendale MI

July 2016  "Lessons of Humanity" at Mercy by the Sea CT

March 2016 "Music Heals"  at Mid Atlantic Region Music Therapy Conference, Harrisburg PA

March 2016 "Lessons of Humanity" at Cazenovia Public Library, Cazenovia NY

January 2016 "Lessons of Humanity" at Black Box Theatre, New York NY

June 2014 "Music Heals" at Cazenovia Lions Club, Cazenovia NY

November 2014 "Music Heals" at Mercyhurst University, Erie PA

November 2013 "Music Heals:  Field Work in East Africa" at American Music Therapy Association Conference, Jacksonville FL

August 2013 "Music Heals" at Rotary Club, Ithaca NY

March 2013 "Bringing Music Therapy to Northern Uganda and Working with ex-Child Soldiers from the Lords Resistance Army" at Berklee College of Music, Boston MA


Spring 2012 "Music Heals" Brunell Endowed Chair at Cayuga Community College, Auburn NY

November 2011 "Music Heals" at UNHCR 60th Anniversary, New York NY

October 2011 "Music Heals" at Ojai World Music Festival, Ojai CA

April & May 2010 "Journey to the Soul of Africa" & "Music Heals" at the 11th Annual Ojai Storytelling Festival, Ojai CA